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Acting Coaching & Classes

Award-winning filmmakers and seasoned acting teachers invite you. Our acting classes are designed to help you discover the reaches of your imagination to challenge actors & non-actors alike. Our students take acting classes to embolden their acting careers, help in their professional life, or just for fun. ​Whatever the reason, this class is dynamic in its approach to people at all levels of performing arts education. We help people discover or rediscover that childlike wonder we had when we used to play pretend.  Once we find and encourage that wonder, we help mold the person into a performer. Some people who have taken the group class said it helped them through a rough time in their life while others have gone on to win awards that bolstered their acting careers. We encourage anyone who wishes to learn acting for any reason to join us. 

Our Services


2 Group acting course options

We currently offer two acting courses. An Acting 101 course offered by Ryan Fay for beginners who wish to build a foundation. The other class is Kenneth's Screen Poetry course. An advanced course specific to people of varying experience levels who wish to learn about acting on camera.


Audition coaching

You will learn how to sell yourself to the casting director!

We will go over the role by finding the character, working on accents, and how to build a repour in the audition room. 


Personal acting coaching

Our acting coaches have helped actors in many areas from dialect and accent coaching to on-set assistance and scene study. 

Marty teaching
Filming audtions
Acting classes

Our Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated to diverse learning styles and making sure you get the actor's toolbox you need to feel confident on the stage, behind the camera, or just at your job. We believe everyone has half the tools they need already so we teach you how to use them and provide new tools to get you where you need to go as a "dealer in emotion." 


Jeff Huth

Jeff Huth

Kenneth coached me through the audition that landed me my first role on tv as Nathan Hale in AMC’s “Turn”, along with other auditions that led to network television and feature film callbacks/bookings. He’s a passionate and talented filmmaker, he’s also one of the funniest people I know. I’m fortunate to have called him a friend for many years.
Mitch Lemos

Mitch Lemos

I've been acting since I was a child and have taken many classes at the college level as well as independently in NY, Miami, and in Atlanta over the course of many years. When I started working with Kenneth it was like a new awakening. A breath of fresh air. It wasn't the same old same old boring repetition exercises or pretending to be an animal or standing in a circle and throw different colored balls at each other. The exercises we did both in a group setting and individually helped me break through barriers built up over the years. There was one exercise that I'll call "time travel” which delved into the depths of my psyche and prepared me for my next project. 
Andrea Fernandez

Andrea Fernandez

Working on Rock Island Woman was such an extraordinary experience. So much of the magic came from our director, Kenneth.  He created a safe environment for me to feel vulnerable and ensured that the story's heart was felt. It was amazing to have time not only to rehearse the scene but to rehearse the character, the soul, and the body of the character in me. He directs with so much authenticity and passion, giving his actors all the tools possible to live the character.


He even made me and Bell a playlist <3 I cannot wait to work with Kenneth again.

Either the Screen Poetry Course by Kenneth Forrester and Marty or Acting 101 with Ryan Fay. Or both.

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